My Hair Care Routine

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I take care of my hair as if it were my baby, but call me thrifty  cause I never go to the salon to treat my hair. Instead I found a few drugstore products that work great for me! They’re affordable, yet the quality is comparable to salons. Here’s what I’ve been using lately and loving.
 Sulfate-free, meaning it doesn’t strip your hair of natural oils nor does it leave your scalp dry. The scent is absolutely beautiful, and the feeling is invigorating. I was just at target and they retailed for $5.99 each. Definitely a must try!
 For years and years I had the same leave-in conditioner, which had been discontinued 🙁 Lets not mention the brand I had just about gotten over it, lol. Thank goodness for Aveeno which is now my new favorite 🙂 I sprits all over my damp hair. The wheat complex keeps my hair moisturized throughout the day. I remember watching Ellen and one of her beauty tips is soaking your hair in beer. Now this is a better alternative. lol
Finally, a product for girls that refuse to cut their hair! I use this hair lotion once a week to my ends. A little goes a long way.


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