White Underarms/ Armpits

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I know this is an odd subject, and maybe even embarrassing to some, however my armpits seem to strike up a conversation through my video comments:
I wish I can tell you what it is I do to keep my underarms so clean, but I guess you can say its what I don’t do. Surfing the net, I found that most women suffer dark underarms due to harsh deodorant and shaving. I don’t use deodorant, nor do I shave. I know, sounds weird, but I guess I was blessed to not have body odor and thick hair! I have very thin, few hairs under my arms that I just leave them. Sounds sick right? haha
If you are suffering from dark underarms there are a few remedies you might want to try. Try rubbing lemon in circular motions after your shower. I hear some people may be allergic, so try a small amount at first. Another tip is papaya soap. I remember papaya soap was sold all over Philippines. Many Filipinos love to have that white skin ūüėČ You should also try exfoliating under the arms every time you shower. You can find loofah’s for only $1. Here is an article I found on the web that may be helpful as well.¬†


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