What’s in My Shower

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What’s in My Shower

Take a peek at what I keep on my shower as of late. I share everything I use from head to toe!



I have a dry scalp and more specifically I have plaque psoriasis so I needed a dandruff shampoo and I picked up this by Malin + Goetz for dandruff. To be honest it doesn’t smell that nice (unless you’re into Eucalyptus scents) but it is a gentle shampoo for sensitive scalps so I use it every other day!


Find the Malin + Goetz Dandruff Shampoo HERE



Since I’m not to fond of the scent of my shampoo, I go for this Bumble & Bumble Conditioner Creme de CoCo it’s a classic favorite. I go with the bigger sized bottle because I always use way more conditioner . I love the fresh, clean scent of it too!

You can find the Bumble & Bumble Conditioner Creme de CoCo HERE


Body Soap

I fell in love with soap last year the brand is Mistral Soaps. I discovered these soaps in a gift shop in Victoria, Canada when I was with on a trip with my husband Benji. I love the Lychee Rose scent, but I have also used the Blackberry scent when I ran out. It’s quadrple milled and very dense so it will last a long time.

Get the Mistral Soaps HERE


Face wash

I keep the Aveeno Daily scrub in my shower and use it along with a gentle exfoliant scrub/sponge to wash my face. What I love is that it’s not too harsh for everyday use.

Find the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Scrub HERE


Foot scrub

Lastly, I keep this Revlon PediExpert in my shower which I use to keep my feet smooth. This is especially good to have on hand during sandal season.

Get a Revlon PediExpert HERE

Thank you so much for checking out this post. Comment below and share your favorite shower products with me!

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