Throwback Thursday Instagram Moments

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Throwback Thursday Instagram Moments

Much of last week was spent sharing quality time with my family before I headed off to Los Angeles to Generation Beauty with my Husband Benji (@BenjimanFood) . It was sort of a mini date weekend where we spent quality time together just us two when we weren’t at the Ipsy and GenBeauty events.

It was so much fun getting the chance to meet all of you in Los Angeles and having the opportunity to chat with those of you who were at the event as well. Traveling to different cities and seeing you guys really is so much fun and reuniting with familiar faces while I was out there was so great too. I had to leave early this trip to be with one of my sick baby bears, but the time I got to spend there was so much fun.

Keep reading to check out what I did last week through my Instagram photos!

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Twinning with dad!

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Julianna’s amazing work of art!!!

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Julianna vlogging

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Omg these beauties!!! 

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Cheers to my man, @benjimanfood for being my best supporter and awesome head chef of Casa De Travis

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beautiful inside and out <3

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#juliannabear #brodybenjamin

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I need to sleep like this guy right now. It was an absolute pleasure meeting so many new friends the past few days!!! I loved all the warm hugs 😊 @ipsy and @pixibeauty thanks for having me and sorry to leave early! Going to tend to one of my sick bears back at home

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loved meeting all these beautiful faces at #genBeauty!!

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Thanks so much to everyone that came up to me during the Generation Beauty event and the Pixi Meet & Greet! If you were there last weekend make sure to tag me on Instagram (@ItsJudyTime #ItsJudyTime) if we took a photo, I’d love to see them.


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