The Many Sides of Julianna, our first born!

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(Thank you to Tsering Shrestha for posting this collage to my Facebook Page )
If you’ve followed my daily vlogs on ItsJudysLife, you already know the baby bear in all of those photos. I’m really taking advantage of the quality time I have with Julianna before our lives get a little more busy with the arrival of Keira and Miya. I love everything about Julianna but, if I were to describe her in a few words it would be: sweet, silly and loving. So here are a few moments from our vlogs that really show her personality and just moments of pure cuteness I couldn’t leave out!  
Ready for summa summa time!

REUNITED WITH JULIANNA!!! – December 08, 2013
Giving sweet hugs and kisses as always.

I can’t wait for the girls to meet Julianna. I already know she will be such a great big sister!

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