Postpartum Update 6 weeks

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Postpartum Update 6 weeks

Postpartum Update 6 weeks

I’d be lying if I told you these past 6 weeks have been the best weeks of my life. I’ve gone through lack of sleep, anxiety, physical pain, pointless arguments… I was basically a train wreck. Despite all that, I still feel truly blessed. Blessed to have a wonderful husband, a supportive family, a flexible job, and 3 healthy beautiful little girls. Sometimes I just need step away from the chaos and remind myself of these blessings.

Postpartum Update 6 weeks

While JB and Benji are out for a walk, and Miya and Kiera are napping, I’m able to write up this blog. Here’s a pic of how i’m managing with the twins by myself. I’ve got Miya on the manual rocker and Keira sleeping in the pack n play.

Nightly Routine

Our nights are getting closer to a schedule for the most part. Around 10:30 I tandem feed Miya and Keira for about 20 minutes. Benji and I each hold a baby upright and burp for another 20 minutes or longer until they’re asleep. Then we put them down in the pack and play and by then it’s close to midnight. Usually 3 hours later one of the girls remind us it’s time for another feeding and the routine plays on again. The tricky part is when the girl’s aren’t on the same schedule. This happens when one baby takes significantly longer to put down (sometimes and hour or 2 after the first) and it throws off our sleep. Therefore Benji and I become enemy zombies it affects our whole day.. unless of course we have coffee 😉

How the day usually goes

Benji does most of his work in the mornings and afternoon. Benji’s sister Melody helps after school 5 days in the week. Melody and I are usually downstairs in the living room with all the girls. She helps me change diapers, burp the girls, feed JB… basically she’s a second “mom”. In the evenings, Benji prepares dinner and we all eat as a family. After dinner we relieve Melody and Benji and I play with all 3 babies til it’s JB’s sleep time at 10PM.

Breast Feeding
I nurse in tandem about every 3 hours. To help with the tandem feeding, I use a twin nursing pillow. The down side to it, it’s a bit massive and I have to use two pillows beneath the sides to support it. When I was nursing Julianna I didn’t produce enough milk, so this time around I have lactation help with goats rue and moringa pills. They seem to work for me! The goat’s rue is an herbal liquid. A few drops in a glass of water 3 times a day does the trick. It taste like tea to me! As for the moringa pills, I’m not too fond of how large the capsules are, but I take 2 twice a day.
Postpartum Update 6 weeks
Postpartum Update 6 weeks
How am I doing?

I’m doing alright. Well… right now i’m having a mini anxiety attack cause Keira just woke up crying. Sometimes I get a few of these anxiety attacks a day when I feel overwhelmed with the twins. I guess it’s called the baby blues. I don’t think I have postpartum depression because I don’t feel this everyday. Usually “me time” does the trick whether it’s just me doing my makeup or going out to the gym.

Getting back into shape

So far I’ve lost 31 lbs! Thanks to breast feeding of course 😀 I still have another 20 lbs to go cause I’ve gained a total of 50 during the pregnancy. As of last week I started going back to the gym. Nothing strenuous, just 30 minutes on the elliptical. I’m gonna try to go to the gym at least 2 times a week for now. I’ve also been wearing a belly support/wrap to help get my tummy back. I found an affordable, yet awesome one at Ross for about $10 or so. It beats the belly bandit for sure!

Postpartum Update 6 weeks

Postpartum Update 6 weeks

6 week Well Child appointment

Yesterday was Miya and Keira’s 6 week well child check up. I was happy to hear the doc give us an “A+” for the girls’ examination 🙂 Miya is now 7lbs 12 oz and 19.5’’ tall. Keira is now 8lbs 9 oz and 20’’ tall. They responded well visually and audibly. And their neck strength was good during the tummy time “test”.

Anyhooo, that’s it for my update. My advice for any Mom or Dad out there with a newborn… don’t be ashamed to receive any help from family and friends! Take advantage of it to keep your sanity. lol.

<3 Judy

Postpartum Update 6 weeks1 Week Old

Postpartum Update 6 weeks2 weeks old

Postpartum Update 6 weeks

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Postpartum Update 6 weeks4 weeks old

Postpartum Update 6 weeks5 weeks old

Postpartum Update 6 weeks6 weeks old

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