New Maybeline ‘The Buff’ Color Sensational Lipstick Swatches

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 I recently posted a video for the New Maybelline “The Buffs “Color sensational lipsticks giving my overall opinion and quick review of what I thought of each color.
There are 10 colors in “The Buffs” collection, but I didn’t pick up all 10. I decided to stick to the colors I thought would work best for me and my skin tone and skip on the colors that weren’t too appealing to me.
What I love about these lipsticks is that they have a nice consistency which is very important to me. But even more important is that they have great pigmentation and are moisturizing.
They are not long lasting. Like most lipsticks you have to re-apply after eating or drinking. After trying them out I found that my lips were not chapped or dried from the lipstick.
Here are closeups and swatches of the 7 colors I tried:

First color is 915 blushing beige this color is very Kim Kardardashian! It’s a really light nude color that made me think of her signature lip.

This color is 920 nude lust . this has a slight pink color to it thats not too overwhelming.
930 Truffle Tease  was the third color I tested. This is the color begins to go into the brownsie type of nudes. And is actually the type of color I like to try to create on my own with my lipliners.
I really loved how 935 Sin-a-mon  made my teeth look white and just like 930 Truffle Tease  it is more on the brown side of the nude collection.

 With 940 Touchable Taupe I noticed that it was thicker and creamer. This would be more of a fall color for my skin tone.

 Just like 940 Touchable Taupe,  945 Stormy Sahara is thicker and creamer than the others. This color has more of a peach undertone than a brown though. I think this would look nice as an everyday color in Spring!
 For some reason 955 Expresso Exposed didn’t apply as I would have liked, but none the less I like the vampy  deep color! This is another great one for the Fall. And of course I love how it really made my teeth look white!Overall I really liked the 7 colors I tried from “The Buffs” collection. A mix of great colors to wear everyday and a few especially good for spring and fall!

Watch the full video here and comment below!
Tell me which color you liked best.


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