Natural wavy lookin hair

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Yay for natural lookin wavy hair! Okay, so my hair actually is naturally wavy but NOT AT ALL in this fashion! Products I used are the 1” enzo milano and the Bumble and Bumble does it all spray. I used the same curling technique as I did in my Vanessa Hudgens hair tutorial, except this time i didn’t pin down the curls.

How to get these waves:

1. Spray the Bumble and Bumble does it all spray all over your hair. (I just found out that it is a heat protectant as well!!) I waited about 30 seconds for the spray to settle.

2. Section your hair to the bottom layer. Take a section of hair and wrap your hair around the enzo for about 8 seconds. Repeat this process until all your hair has been curled.
-Tip: for a natural lookin wave, curl in opposite directions with each section!

3. Once all your hair is curled, run your fingers through your hair. Set the look with the bumble and bumble does it all spray.

It’s sooooo simple I felt I didn’t need to record a tutorial for this look.

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Enjoy Ladies!

Heres how my waves turned out…

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