My New Do!

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I never said it was my natural new do! lol. I just got the Jessica Simpson bangs the other day and rocked it!!! Love these bangs. I can finally enjoy a new hair style without regretting it after wards.

You should have been there the first time Benji saw me wearing them. I told him I cut my hair that morning because I wanted something new. His first words were “I don’t like it when people cut their own bangs.” Oh boy, did all hell break loose! lol. I guess that was his way of saying “I don’t like it”. Oh ladies, don’t worry, he paid for what he said. lol

Anyway, all that matters and that I like it! Hope you guys too. and if so, you can purchase your own here. From now til Feb. 28th, you can get a pair of Jessica Simpson bangs for FREE!!! Buttttttt, you’ll have to purchase Jessica Simpson hair extensions to get the free pair of bangs.


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