Makeup on my Husband for Charity!

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Last Holiday Virgin Mobile reached out to us to help raise money for the “Do Whatever it Takes Campaign” for homeless youth in North America. The site is no longer there, but I found an article here if you’re interested in knowing more about it. The whole point is for us to do whatever it takes to reach our charity goal. Benji and I pledged that if we raised $3,000.00 then I get to do Benji’s makeup. Sure enough, after 24 straight hours live on BlogTV basically begging for donations, we raised about $3,200.00!!! 
Here are some screenshot highlights of the transformation from my husband Benji to “Benjita”! 
 Oh he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into! 
 Every time I asked Benji to look up, this is his legit facial expression. 
 Angry bear.
 Smiley bear. Sort of. I always ask my clients to smile when applying blush 🙂
 His reaction when I told him to wear a wig.
Lastly, his reaction to seeing himself as “Benjita” for the first time. 
Watch it all here!!!
Because it was just too hilarious, I had to do a stand alone video of just his reaction! (and from a different angle)
and because it’s relevant. Here’s a video of Benji’s attempt to doing my makeup in the “Boyfriend/Husband does my makeup tag”


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