Looking back… Family of 3 Photo Shoot!

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So i’m sitting here at the hospital killing time before baby bears Keira and Miya arrive! Bored outta my mind, I find these adorable photos that I realize haven’t even shared with you all! Julianna bear was nearly 8 months during this photo shoot which we did with photographer Michael Clinard right in our very own garage! You can see some of the action in this Vlog here
I’m so thankful to have such a awesome partner, my husband Benji right by my side who has been so supportive and who I know will continue to be a great dad to Julianna and the twins! 
A special thank you to our photographer Michel Clinard for taking our family photos! We love them! You can find him on Instagram, Twitter or on his website!

Lastly, THANK YOU for all the warm wishes and prayers throughout this whole pregnancy. Without your support I don’t know how I’d keep sane. Your sweet words of encouragement motivates me to be the best Mommy and Wifey I can be. Oh gawd.. was that corney. Well, it’s true! I Love you all!




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