Lip Tattoos, say Whaa?!

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(Please ignore the white film… DARN YOU foundation with SPF!)
Temporary tattoos, who hasn’t tried them as a child? I remember my mom buying them for me from the dollar store. I thought I was the coolest kid in town with a heart tattoo plastered on my arm. Would you believe there is actually temporary tattoos for your lips?! Interesting, yeah?
I saw these for the first time this past June at IMATS LA. I was tempted to buy it, but came to the conclusion that it wasn’t very practical for me. Just recently I ran across it during an ULTA run, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to do a review.
So here it is, my initial thoughts and review on the Violent Lips lip tattoos. They are $15 for 3 pairs of the same pattern. I chose the pink leopard print because it reminded me of my favorite childhood icon… Lisa Frank!
The process was pretty easy. You’ll need some water, cotton balls, and scissors. Its basically the same steps to applying a regular temporary tattoo, except the only difference is shaping it to your lip shape. There are dotted lines to help with the shaping. Its simple and straight forward. Heres how the finished look turned out.
Immediately after applying lip tattoo
It felt awkward and uncomfortable. An hour in my lips felt painfully dry whenever I smiled or laughed. I applied lip balm which helped temporarily. The brand claims that the lip tattoos last from 4 to 6 hours. I believe this to be true as long as you’re eating dry foods. I had soup for dinner and tattoo from my bottom lip was fading away. The moisture from my outer lips also contributed to the fading of the outer corners. I updated back 5 hours later and here is how my lips turned out.
5 hours after application
 Over all, I thought the product was good. Its unique and fun to try, but not something I would wear every weekend, or let alone every month. However, its ideal to wear at a Lady Gaga concert, if anything! Quality wise, its alight. I paid $15 for 3 lip tattoos. I wouldn’t buy these again in the future, but I admit it is fun to say I’ve once had a lip tattoo!


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