My Lash Extensions Experience

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My Lash Extensions Experience

In my most recent video on my Beauty Channel ItsJudyTime, I shared my 1st experience of getting lash extensions. I was hesitant to try this at first, but after seeing a couple of my friends throughout the years have them done and sharing their great experiences with me, I finally decided to give it a try for myself.

Watch my video to hear my lash extensions experience. 

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The overall experience was great. It took about an hour and no pain or initial irritation.

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In this photo (above) you can see the dramatic difference before and after the extensions.
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Here is the completed lash extensions immediately after leaving the salon with no makeup on. After wearing these for almost 2 weeks, I thought having these extensions were great for days I was in a hurry. I could lightly fill in my brows and  add a pop of color to my lips and I would be good to go. But I found it hard to go each day without being able to wash my eye area, since I had to avoid getting the lashes wet. Also, oil based makeup removers and liquid liners are my go to’s, but I also had to avoid using those while having these extensions.

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In the end, I was glad I finally gave these a try and I’m willing to give it another go maybe sometime in the future. For now, I will stick the convince of false lashes that allow me to wear/remove them when I want and I can wash my face and eye area without having to be too cautious!

Have you tried lash extensions? Comment below and share your experience.

Watch my video below to hear about my full lash extension experience



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