How to do your Eyebrows

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How to do your Eyebrows

Brows make a big difference .I find that it completes and frames my face when I do them. It took me a while to find the right brow routine and product that works for me. But now that I’ve found it, I feel when I do my makeup my look is complete.

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Left: Brow filled with Pixi Brow Duo/Right: bare brow

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I’ve been using the Pixi brow duo. Pencil on one end & gel on the other!

The product that works the best for me is something I’ve found that is quick and easy to use and is an all in one product. The Pixi Brow Duo in Medium is what I’m loving for my eyebrows it shapes,fills and locks my brows in place.

Here’s a quick step by step of how I do my brows:

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1. Line the top edge of the brow with the pencil end of the Pixi Brow Duo held horizontally.
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2. Complete the shape of the brow by lining the bottom, still holding the pencil horizontally.Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.13.26 AM

3. Turn the pencil vertically to lightly fill in the inner portion of the brow.Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.12.00 AM

4. To set the eyebrows and lightly fill in any other sparse areas,use the gel spooley end of the Pixi Brow Duo.

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Click here to find the Pixi Brow duo:

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With this Brow duo I find that doing my eyebrows is so much easier.

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