Heatless Curls with Sponge Rods

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Remember those pink sponge rollers your mom used on your when you were a kid? Those didn’t go too well for me. The plastic clips always fell out during my sleep, leaving random odd shaped curls throughout my hair. Thankfully I discovered sponge rods! I’ve seen them at beauty stores and even drugstores. The ones I bought are 15mm Hot Tools. Eight dollars for 10 rods. They’re a little thicker than the ones i’ve seen at my local walmart. 
 They’re very simple to use. I applied a curling mousse to my clean damp hair before curling. I sectioned off my hair (as usual when curling) and took about 2 inch sections. Starting at my ends, I wrapped my hair around the middle of the rods and rolled it up. Secure the rod by folding in the ends.
It was surprisingly comfortable sleeping in the curlers. It didn’t pull my hair while I moved, they were really flexible. After about 8 hours, the rollers were still in the same place.
To remove the rollers, simply unfold the rods and twirl them out rather than pull them out. Don’t be alarmed when you end up looking like a curly sue. 
After gently running my fingers through my hair and some hair styling oil, here’s how the final look turned out.


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