Girlactik Cosmetics

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Yay for Sparkle!! I was really excited when I heard about Girlactik Cosmetics. This is a great way for you guys and gals to incorporate sparkle into your makeup 🙂 I’ve worn the sparkles out and the sparkles actually stayed on the entire day!! Impressive! I got the professional starter kit which comes with two sparkles (champagne and white gold), two bases (star light and pearl), a tapered angle brush, and pink brush pouch.

The light star base can be used alone as a cream eyeshadow, or even as eyeliner with the help of the tapered angle brush. You can even apply any of your eye shadows on top of this base to get the color vibrant and longer lasting.

The pearl base I love cause it’s more versatile. I can be used as a highlight to your brow bones and above the cheek bones! You can use it itself on your lids for a shimmery glow effect. I find that the pearl base makes the white gold sparkle really stand out.

The tapered brush comes with this adorable pink pouch. I wish the pouch could have been bigger so I can put all my girlactik cosmetics in there, but its all G!

Wiping off the sparkles is not a tough task what so ever. The sparkles easily glides off with the touch of a cotton ball 🙂

White Gold Sparkle
Champagne Sparke

Light base & Pearl base
White gold with on top of bases

Champagne on top of bases


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