Get Glam Salon lookin nails for under $10! Revlon Runway Collection

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Remember those days when you were a little girl and you wore fake glue on nails? Within an hour your mom was yelling at you cause she found those nails at random places around the house. The glue on nails never lasted a day. I’d open a can of soda and *POP*, one comes flying off!

All these memories came back to me when I was asked to review the Runway artificial nail collection by Revlon.I was skeptical at first, but I thought heck why not give it a try?!

My first reaction was: WHOA! These nails actually look natural. They each had French tips with cute designs on them. Yayerz!To my surprise, the nails weren’t hard and thick either. The nails are much more flexible and thinner than the ones I remember as a child.

Applying the nails takes some practice. My first attempt didn’t go so well. I ended up gluing my fingers together. The instructions say to apply the glue to your nail bed and also on the artificial nail. My first pair of nails lasted 6 days before a nail popped off. Luckily I had the glue in my purse so I quickly glued it back on! Within the next few days the nails started poppin off so I figured the nail life was at its end 🙁 I soaked my fingers in acetone for a minute and the nails peeled off easily. Unfortunately the surface of my natural nail peeled off along with it 🙁 Not cute at all!!!

(pls excuse my dry hands!)

Photos by Andy Hoang below. Don’t the nails look so natural?!


-Affordable ( ~$7.99 at drugstores)

-Easy to apply

-Fun designs

-Looks natural/ nail length easy to deal with

-Kit comes with nail file, glue, and a manicure stick

-There are 12 sizes to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find your size!


-Sometimes air bubbles appear

– application can get messy!

My thoughts: The Revlon Runway Collection nails are worth getting for special occasions. The price is right and the quality is great (for 7 days!)


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