Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Review

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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops review

The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is different than anything I’ve seen out there lately, as you can customize your own foundation.

There are 24 colors to choose from.You can mix it with everything from moisturizer,serums, oils, primers to other foundations. Depending on what you mix it with and how many drops you use,it can go from a tint to full coverage.

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Here are the products I used for this review:

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Neutrogena Gel Moisturizer

I chose to mix The Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops in N 35,with the Neutrogena Gel Moisturizer . When I added 2 drops on the back of my hand with the Gel it looked pretty concentrated.

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But after applying it I decided to add 4 more drops to take it from sheer coverage to something that would even out my skin tone.

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After 20 mins it set and felt light weight.  I took a flash photo to see how the Cover FX mixture looked with flash & I think it looks awesome.

Checking in 4.5 hours later, the foundation looks good from a distance.

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But if you are close up you can noticed the patches around my nose . It looks like dead dry skin in areas that I haven’t noticed before. Around my mouth and jaw it settled in looking uneven and patchy.

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Keep in mind, this wasn’t a strenuous day. I was indoors, mostly editing videos and didn’t have my girls around touching my makeup .

I felt and look exhausted by the end of the day. Oil was seeping thru all over my face, even though I applied a setting powder on top of the custom color drops mixture.


I like the idea of using the Cover FX drops to customize with your favorite products. The wide color selection is awesome and it’s pretty straightforward to use. I think that this would be great for makeup artists to have.

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The packaging gets very messy. On my skin I find it to be pretty blotchy & not long lasting. Although it’s great that you can customize your makeup, I think it’s an extra step and not quick to use daily.

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The review didn’t feel complete so I used it with other primers. When I tried MAC’s Prep + Prime, it didn’t last long and became patchy, like the initial review.

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Next, I used Lorac’s POREfection primer. This was much better, lasted longer but I still found dry areas around nose and chin. Which I don’t get with other foundations.

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