Coffee Monday Shirts

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 Coffee Monday Shirts

 Giving back is so important to Benji and I and we have been giving to charities with your help for the past 3 years. In previous years we began with our annual campaign during the month of December called “Dancember” as you might have seen on my ItsJudysLife Channel. Now with your help, we are trying to make efforts to raise money for charities and causes throughout the entire year.
 December is the fundraising campaign we do every year. Every day in December we dance for charity and ask for your donations to help our cause. Near the end of the month, we put on a 24 Hour Broadcast to help reach our goal.

Watch Dancember 2013

 Watch Last Year’s Incentive- Benjita & Julianne Go Public Dancember 2013

Purpose of Shirts

 The purpose of us selling shirts is to continue supporting charities throughout the year and not just during Dancember. All of the profits from the sales of these shirts are donated to a charity. The charities are chosen by all of you, our viewers! You can vote for the charity of your choice and we will continue to support previous charities that we have helped in the past. Continuing to expand the giving each year!

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 2014 Cause of Choice
This year, the cause of focus is to fight against human trafficking. It was something that Benji and I became interested in and many of you left us comments about. We are still considering different organizations/charities around this cause. So make sure to
submit charities/ Cause recommendations or let us know which “Fight against human trafficking” organization you want us to support HERE.

Previous Years Charities

2013: March of Dimes

Shirt Designs
 Most if not all designs of shirts are viewer submitted and voted for. Designers get paid $250 if their shirt design is chosen for the shirts.
Thanks so much to the designer of our Coffee Monday shirts Carina @aniracam on Instagram.
We’d love to see your design ideas, so make sure to post your photos and hashtag your image with #ItsJudysLifeShirt on Twitter and Instagram  to enter into our voting.
Here are a few of your design submissions!
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Thanks so much for everyone who has participated in all of our fundraising and charity efforts over these past years. It’s been amazing to see the impact we can all make by working together.
You can help us raise money to help this years charities by purchasing a Coffee Monday Shirt HERE .
They are only available for a limited time so make sure to pick one up before it’s too late!


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