Clip-on Hair Bangs/ Fringe

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I’ve always wanted bangs, but I never had the guts to actually get them! I’ve done a few tricks to fake a fringe, but this has to be the most natural looking without cutting my hair. 
I use the Jessica Simpson Hair-do Clip-on bangs. gave me the opportunity to try it the first time. I tried it in midnight brown, which was a tad lighter than my natural hair color. The second time around I bought it in Ebony, which matches perfect! They’re simple to apply. Clip the bottom two clips first, then pull back and clip the top.
These may not blend in at first. Heres how they look when you clip them on .
Eww, right!
And heres how it should look
The key is teasing!
I tease around the crown area to give my hair some volume. The fringe blends in instantly!
Check out this old school technique I use to do a few years ago.


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