Heatless Curls for Back to School… or Work!

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 This was my go-to hair style when I was in Junior High and High School! I was never a morning person, and absolutely hated waking up early just to get ready! To save time, I used my mom’s old school sponge rollers. This entire process takes me less than 10 minutes total! Five minutes of my evening and 3 minutes the next morning! 
 Remember these guys?!
Start off by applying curling mousse to clean hair. My hair is dry, but this would work well with slightly damp hair as well. 
 Next, take sections of hair and wrap your hair around the sponge. Unless you want tight curls, make sure you wrap the curls loosely! Because they’re sponge, the rollers are comfortable to sleep in!
The next morning… BAM! Here’s how the curls turned out!
 I always preferred loose curls. I tamed down the curl by using a flexible hold hairspray, then gently pulling my hair downwards. 
Here’s the final look! I hope you enjoy and try this out yourself 😀 If you do, post a photo on my Facebook!
Watch the tutorial here!



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